Monday, March 27, 2017

More Than Words March Challenge

"Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" 
Hi Everyone,

Well this is the first time for me playing along with one of the More Than Words challenges.  I seriously could not resist word and creative challenge inspiration

Word Inspiration - BEAUTIFUL
Creative Challenge - BUTTERFLY

I have taken inspiration from the natural beauty of flowers and have included fussy cut floral elements from FabScraps patterned papers along with pretty blooms.  
Fussy cut butterflies delicately rest amongst the foliage, ready to dance away when the need arises.
 The word 'beautiful' was also included in the title text. I hope that my daughter will always know her worth, be confident and always be true to herself.  Always uplift and don't bring others down

I had some fun revisiting Walnut Ink Cyrstals and metallic rub-ons for altering the 2 Crafty Chipboard. The walnut ink added a lovely natural warmth and toned beautifully with rusty elements of the background patterned paper.

Thanks so much for the creative inspiration More Than Words 


Sunday, March 12, 2017

2CC: Time Has Flown

Hi Everyone!
I have another design team project to share showcasing some more 2Crafty Chipboard loveliness.
The chipboard elements were  kept softer to coordinate with the soft toning of these beautiful Blue Fern 'Frolic' papers.  

Gosh, it only seems like yesterday when we were bringing this one home from hospital:

"Time Has Flown" 
Once again, I have layered lots of fussy cut elements with the chipboard pieces.  
A larger and middle sized Clock Face Frame were arranged behind the photo.
 Whilst a smaller one has been tucked in amongst the blooms. 
I trimmed a Lacey Border and this sits under the bottom edge of the photo.  I love
 these pretty borders.  They are so versatile and one of my favourite pieces.  You will
often see these pop on my projects.
The negative frame from the smallest clock face frame was tucked in underneath
the floral cluster and a trimmed Chain Length hangs down.
 A Scroll 3 was added at the bottom with a small flower attached over the top.
2Crafty Chipboard Products:
6" Clock Face Frames
Chain Lengths
Scroll 3
Lacey Border Set 1

Thanks so much for dropping by,


Saturday, March 11, 2017

2CC: Follow Your Heart

Hi Everyone,
Popping in today to share some more 2Crafty Chipboard inspiration. I have created something more on the whimsical style.  
It was fun creating a floral playground for my 'little fairy':  
Follow Your Heart

A fairy does require wings and Skeleton Leaves' were perfect for giving my fairy her wings. 
Fairies and butterflies go hand in hand - a Delicate Butterfly rests on a Leafy Shrub.
I adhered this in place on a slight angle upwards to add a little dimension. 
Follow Your Heart was the perfect sentiment for this very sweet little fairy.

Elements from both Leafy Shrub Set 1 and Leafy Shrub Set 2 were used to extend the delicate Flowery Swirly Frame. These were tucked in around where my little fairy rests among the fussy cut floral blooms - I used patterned papers from My Mind's Eye In Bloom Collection.
A little shading and splatters were added around the flower edges with Colour Blast Shimmer Sprays.

The Flowery Swirly Frame also creates a happy terrarium effect.  
The chipboard elements were kept darker to add contrast to the 'heavier' toning of the fussy
 cut floral elements.  A touch of metallic gold accents the wings, title and flowers of the 11" frame.

2Crafty Chipboard Products:
11"Flowery Swirly Frame
Leafy Shrub Set 1
Leafy Shrub Set 2
Delicate Butterflies
Skeleton Leaves
Follow Your Heart 

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

2CC "Treasure"


Hi Everyone!

Popping in today sharing some 2Crafty Chipboard inspiration with you all.  
Pointed Doily Frames and a Doily Frame were arranged in the background
behind the photo, with fussy cut  Webster's Pages 'Strawberry Fields' elements layered over the top.
The frames were coloured with Colour Blast Dusty Charcoal Colour Spray
and then lightly dabbed with white paint. 
Corner Arch was trimmed into 2 pieces - One piece sitting under the larger
 Pointed Doily Frame and the other one tucked under the outer edge of the photo.

I trimmed a Parisian Border into 2 pieces and tucked in along the outer edges of the photo.
 These as well as the Corner Arch pieces were inked with Turquoise Stone Chalk Ink and
 lightly dabbed with white paint. 

Moroccan Bits were also trimmed into smaller pieces and tucked under and around the floral elements. These were painted white then spritzed with Colour Blast Sunshine Colour Spray.
Treasure from the Fine Word Set1 was attached over the the main floral cluster covering the
 bottom left hand edge of my photo.

2Crafty Chipboard Products:
Moroccan Bits
Pointed Doily Frames
Doily Frames
Corner Arches
Parisian Border
Fine Word Set 1

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Winter Christmas Wonderland

 Hi Everyone,
I am popping in today to share some more 2Crafty Chipboard inspiration. This month
 I have gone beyond the page with Christmas winter wonderland inspired projects.
Our Christmas's here often are quite warm with zero chance of snow - one day
 I hope to travel & experience a 'White Christmas'.   In the meantime, I will keep
 dreaming of a white Christmas.

These quaint little dwellings would make a sweet table centre piece to any table.  Create a few and make a village!

For my first dwelling, I have created a 3 dimensional house and created a pretty winter scene with 2Crafty loveliness.

The dwelling was created with 2 of the houses from the Houses set. The two other walls were created by tracing around the house with 4 windows and cutting out from chipboard/box board. The walls were adhered together with hot glue and then covered with patterned paper.
The dwelling sits on a bed of winter foliage including branches trimmed from the large
tree from the Christmas Tree Set and Winter Twig Branches. 

A decorative facade was added to the front and along the roof ridge with one of the
 pretty Lacey Borders (set 1).
The chipboard was painted with a coat of Dina Wakley White Gesso and snow accents
 were added with 'Fantasy Snow'.  Super fine crystal glitter was sprinkled over the top
whilst the media was still wet.
A trimmed the  Ornate Fence tip decorates the front porch roof.

Trimmed brick elements from the 'Brickwall' add texture to the house walls. A larger  
Lamp Post sits behind the house with trimmed Ornate Fence pieces added to the 
sides and steps leading up to the front door.
A base was created for the house to sit on from chipboard/box board and an empty ribbon 
spool to create a little elevation. Another Lacey Border was affixed around the outer edge.

 Please also also check out my creative process video:

2Crafty Products:
Lacey Border Set1
Ornate Fence
Lamp Posts
Christmas Tree Set
Winter Twig Branches
Brick Wall 
Fleur de Lise (ATC)

Continuing on with the Christmas winter wonderland theme, I have created a larger
dwelling to add to the village.  This time I used a Tim Holtz Bigx Die to create the
 house along with lots of 2Crafty loveliness incorporated to create the scene.  

Once again, a bed of winter foliage was added to the 'ground' with Winter Twig Branches. The branches painted white with accents of  'Fantasy Snow'. A little deer (from the Deer Set) frolics in the snow.

The house walls were accented with trimmed bricks from the Brickwall piece.  

Fir Christmas Tree sits behind the house and lamp post. 

Three dimensional elements were created with Lamp Posts and Winter Twig Branches
A trimmed post from the Ornate Fence was added near the top of the lamp post and
 a trimmed tip added to the top. 
Trimmed branches from the Christmas Tree Set were tucked into the floral 
arrangement on the lamp post.
A larger base was created for the house to sit on from chipboard/box board and an empty 
ribbon spool to create a little elevation. Another Lacey Border was affixed around the outer edge.

2Crafty Products
Lacey Border Set1
Ornate Fence
Lamp Posts
Christmas Tree Set
Fir Christmas Tree
Winter Twig Branches
Deer Set

Please also check out my creative process video:

Thanks so much for dropping by,
Till next time,

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mixed Media Canvas: 'Be You'

Today I am sharing a mixed media canvas with you all. I have had lots of fun creating this with Colour Blast products and lots of 2Crafty Chipboard loveliness.

"Be You"

I arranged the 2Crafty Chipboard elements  to create the flowing hair of the girl and to add decoration.  
I used Roxy's Flourish, Leafy Shrub Set 3 and a Pen Nib.

Part of Word Circle was trimmed to create the eyelashes.

The background of the canvas was created with Colour Blast Shimmer Sprays - I worked with a few colours to build up the layers and the intensity.
I also used the Shimmer Sprays for adding accents to the chipboard elements.
The Indian Dreamcatcher was used as a jewellery piece to create a hanging earring.

2Crafty Chipboard Used
Roxy's Flourish Vine    
Leafy Shrub Set 3 
Pen Nibs 
Indian Dreamcatcher
 Word Circles Set 2

Here I share the creative process video:

Thanks so much for dropping by,
Till next time,


Friday, October 21, 2016

Layout Inspiration: Treasure


Today I am sharing some more 2Crafty Chipboard loveliness.   Again I kept the chipboard elements soft by inking with Prima Old Rose and Pastel Brown chalk inks.

 I framed the photo with a Heart String Frame, and attached a small piece I had trimmed from one of the borders from the Lacey Border Set 1 along the edge of the photo.

'Treasure' from the Fine Word Set 1 sits over the top of a Formal Flourish 3.
Angie's Vine creates a meandering trail for a fussy cut butterfly.

2Crafty Chipboard Products Used:
Heart String Frame
Lacey Border Set 1
Fine Word Set 1
Formal Flourish 3
Angie's Vine